About Me - Tom Bissonnette Photography

Welcome to my Photography web site.  I am a New England based amateur photographer, who enjoys all types of photography. My preference is for travel, landscape and portrait photography. I have several passions, one being photography and the other music.  Along with my photography I am also a Barbershop style singer. I enjoy traveling around the globe, of which there will always be another destination, meeting people and experiencing the many different cultures of the world. 

At home the ability to photograph areas of the Northeast coast line with its, craggy coast and quaint fishing villages is always a way to enjoy the weather.  Recent trips to Myanmar, Guatamala, Costa Rica, China, Vietnam, South America, Tibet, India, Portugal, and France, have provided a unique opportunity to view our small world and bring back images that remind me each day of how lucky we are to live in such a diverse world and vibrant country. 

If you enjoy my photos please comment on them as I love to get the critiques and information. I hope that you enjoy my vision of the world. It is just my window to the world. 

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