It is not Disney Land ! - Tom Bissonnette Photography

It is not Disneyland!

Oh No!

Several years ago my wife and I travelled to Tanzania, Africa, on safari.  After landing in Arusha, Tanzania, we departed  in jeeps for our first exploration of Arusha National Park. Arusha National Park  Tanzania National Parks about 35 miles from the city and has a beautiful view of Mt. Kilamanjaro.  Here we got our first taste of the African wildlife.   For several days our home was a luxurious camp created in the wild. We were able to hike daily with our guides and enjoy the quiet, solitude and scenery of this beautiful area.   The one thing that I said daily was, "I am not in Disneyland".  Seeing the wildlife and getting a close-up view and experience was just amazing.  Each turn of the head presented us with a new found appreciation for mother nature and her beauty. 

After leaving Arusha National Park we drove to Tarangire National Park Tanangire National Park to view more wild game. It is quite amazing to see the natural wildlife wonders of the world and have such an upclose and personal experience with them.  Each time I looked through the lens of my camera I was amazed at the sights. 

Probably the most amazing of our stops was the four nights that we spent on the Serenghetti.  Elephants, zebras, giraffes, lions, leopards, monkeys, baboons, wilderbeast, hippos, rhinoceros were all seen in the wild.  After a while elephants and zebras became so plentiful that many times we did not even take notice. It was very interesting when Cape Water Buffalos decided to visit our camp at night. 

The other experience besides viewing the wild life was meeting up-close and personal some of the people who call this wild area home.  The Masaai  The Joshua Project people, living in very simple villages, similar to their ancestors were very warm and welcoming. Getting an opportunity to visit their homes (shelters), participate in some of their rituals and customs, was a wonderful experience. 

Having the opportunity to travel the world and experience the best parts of human nature along with mother nature has been a true life altering experience.